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Jaxon Announced as February Hot Shot

Jaxon, son of Matt and Jade  and Lonnie, has been named the February 16, 2020 Hot Shot. Jaxon is 14 and attends MMCRU Community School. He is very excited to be a Hot Shot!


Jaxon was born with a cleft of his soft palate.  When he was one, he underwent surgery at the University of Iowa.  He continued to have speech issues, but was deemed too risky for future corrective surgeries.  Jaxon received a custom prosthetic to aid in his speech progression.  Though he did not tolerate his appliance well in the beginning, work with speech therapist Connie Hanson at Floyd Valley Healthcare eventually led to increased use and the ability to eat with the appliance.  The family was appreciative of Connie’s connection and patience with Jaxon as some behavioral issues and understanding made his progress difficult at times.


The roof of the mouth (palate) is formed between the sixth and ninth weeks of pregnancy. A cleft palate occurs if the tissue that makes up the palate does not join together completely during pregnancy.  Children with a cleft palate often have problems with feeding and speaking clearly and can have ear infections. About 1 in every 1,700 babies is born with cleft palate in the United States. Please join us in celebrating Jaxon, our February Hot Shot!


The Sioux City Musketeers, in partnership with Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) began the Hot Shots program in 2018.  This program was created with the goal of honoring FVH pediatric patients who have chronic health issues. We are excited to give children an opportunity to have a fun time with their family, cheer on the team and just enjoy being a kid for a night.


The Sioux City Musketeers, in partnership with Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) began the Hot Shots program in 2018.  This program was created with the goal of honoring FVH pediatric patients who have chronic health issues. We are excited to give children an opportunity to have a fun time with their family, cheer on the team and just enjoy being a kid for a night.


FVH Receives 5 Star Rating

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has named Floyd Valley Healthcare a Five Star facility.  CMS assigns ratings to hospitals nationwide based on seven quality areas including mortality, safety of care, readmission, patient experience, effectiveness of care, timeliness of care and efficient use of medical images.


There are more than 4500 hospitals nationwide that are ranked in a 1 to 5 star rating system. Floyd Valley Healthcare is one of 407 hospitals nationwide and the only area hospital to receive a 5 Star Rating. "At Floyd Valley Healthcare, it shows quality care is our top priority and confirms that we have risen to the level of among the best in the nation," said Dustin Wright, Floyd Valley Healthcare CEO. "Dedicated providers and staff, advanced medical equipment, and compassionate care combine to serve our communities with proven service excellence."


February is Heart Month

Are you fitting in at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of heart-pumping physical activity per week? If not, you’re not alone. According to the American Heart Association, only about one in five adults and teens get enough exercise to maintain good health. Being more active can help all people think, feel and sleep better and perform daily tasks more easily. And if you’re sedentary, sitting less is a great place to start. Seven no-brainer ways to boost your activity level:


  1. Grab the leash and walk your dog. Your body - and your pooch - will thank you!
  2. Take your kid (or your spouse) for a walk. It’s an excellent way to get some face time without screens. Keep it fun by exploring new neighborhoods or turning your walk into a scavenger hunt.
  3. Hit the mall. Are you shivering (or sweating) at the idea of walking outside? Take a fast stroll around the mall instead. Window shop, people watch and get active in a climate-controlled environment.
  4. Walk and talk. Even if you’re glued to your phone for work calls, you don’t have to be glued to your chair. Make it a habit to talk and walk. Some workplaces have walking paths to make it even easier to burn while you earn.
  5. Tune into fitness. Retrain your inner couch potato. Walk or jog in place, do yoga or lift weights, or walk on the treadmill at the gym while you watch your must-see TV shows.
  6. Ditch the car. Spare yourself the parking stress and log some more active time by parking farther away (or even leaving the car at home) and walking or biking to your destination.
  7. Take the stairs. The elevator may go up — but it doesn’t make your heart rate climb. Take the stairs when you can, even if just for a floor or two. And don’t ride the escalator – climb it. Those can be active steps, too!


Source:  American Heart Association (heart.org)


Programs to be Offered by Floyd Valley Healthcare

The following programs are being offered by Floyd Valley Healthcare. Pre-register for all programs by calling 712-546-3401 or 800-642-6074, ext. 3401.


Floyd Valley Healthcare will be offering cholesterol and diabetes screening at all 3 clinics.

  • Marcus Floyd Valley Clinics: Month of February, Monday-Friday, 8:00-8:30 a.m. Appointments are necessary by calling 712.376.4181.
  • Remsen Floyd Valley Clinics: Month of February, Monday-Friday, 8:00-8:30 a.m.
  • Le Mars Floyd Valley Lab (east entrance): Month of February, Monday-Friday, 7:00-9:00 a.m.

Participants will receive a total blood cholesterol and a blood glucose test for $20. A 12-hour fast is required prior to testing, as is a 24-hour abstinence from alcohol. Results will be mailed to all participants.


Heart Questions?

Tuesday • February 25 • 6 pm

A question and answer session with Dr. Roque B. Arteaga, MD, a cardiologist with Cardiovascular Associates. Reservations required: 712.546.3401

A free meal is offered with the presentation.



FVH Welcomes New Year’s Baby

Congratulations to Drs. Ashley and Trent Powell on the birth of Madison Ann at 3:38 p.m. on January 1, 2020. She was 18.5 inches long and weighed in at 6 pound and 15 ounces. She is the couples’ first child. Dr. Ellen Aquino was the delivering physician.


Madison's grandparents are Matt and Julie Sitzmann of Le Mars and Joel and Anita Powell of Colby, KS. She is also the first grandchild for both families.  Great grandparents are:  Peggy Sitzmann, Le Mars; Fred Hellinga, Lake Park, IA; Janet Powell, Lincoln, KS; and max and Norma Schick, Phillipsburg, KS.


George joins Floyd Valley Healthcare Staff

Floyd Valley Healthcare recently named Susan George, SPHR, SHRM-SCP as their new Director of Human Resources.  In her position, Susan will be responsible for recruitment and retention of staff, benefit administration and leadership development.


Susan received her Bachelor of Arts from California State University. She comes to Floyd Valley with 25 years of experience, most recently serving as Human Resource Director at the Siouxland Community Health Center. In her free time, she enjoys bicycling and traveling. Her family also serves as a foster parent for dogs through Noah’s Hope.


Dustin Wright, CEO, states, “We are very fortunate to have Susan join our Floyd Valley Healthcare family.  She brings with her a wealth of human resource knowledge including experience within a healthcare facility. She has already hit the ground running and we look forward to the new ideas she brings to the system.”


Wiese joins Floyd Valley Healthcare Staff

Floyd Valley Healthcare announces the addition of Kelly Wiese, RD, LD, CDE to the Floyd Valley Healthcare staff. Kelly began her duties as dietitian on December 2nd. In addition to helping patients with their nutritional and educational needs, she will also be working as a Diabetes Education team member.


Kelly received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics degree from Minnesota State University.  She comes to Floyd Valley with six years of experience, most recently at Cherokee Regional Medical Center.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, biking and traveling.


Dustin Wright, CEO, states, “We are excited to welcome Kelly to Floyd Valley Healthcare.  We are pleased to be able to offer our patients full-time access to an experienced dietician.  In addition, Kelly is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) which fits in nicely with our Diabetes Self-Management program.  That program is now fully staffed with two CDEs bringing both the nutrition and nursing disciplines together.”


Vander Zwaag Announced as December Hot Shot

David Vander Zwaag, son of David and Dorene Vander Zwaag, has been named the December 31, 2019 Hot Shot.  David is 13 and attends the 8th grade at Sioux Center Christian School.  He enjoys all sports, but especially enjoys hockey and soccer.  David is the goalie for his hockey team in Sioux Center.


David had numerous conditions as a baby including respiratory issues and ear infections.  Since then, David has also been diagnosed with ADHD.  Dr. Jolene Meis has been there for the Vander Zwaags as they fostered and then adopted David.  Mom Dorene states, “We drive 30 miles to see Dr. Meis as she has been a huge part of David’s success in school.  Dr. Jolene went above and beyond when David was an infant; she has been there every step of the way and we know she will be there for us until the day he turns 18!”


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition in which a person’s brain development and activity is altered causing trouble focusing/concentrating, hyperactivity and/or impulsiveness.  While all kids may struggle paying attention, listening, following directions, sitting still or waiting their turn, kids with ADHD experience even less self-control leading to these issues being harder and happening more frequently.

Please join us in celebrating David, our December Hot Shot!


The Sioux City Musketeers, in partnership with Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) began the Hot Shots program in 2018.  This program was created with the goal of honoring FVH pediatric patients who have chronic health issues. We are excited to give children an opportunity to have a fun time with their family, cheer on the team and just enjoy being a kid for a night.


For Our Babies

Thanks to a grant program with the Avera System, a new clinical tool is available for clinicians to monitor moms in labor at Floyd Valley Healthcare. PeriWatch is a computer program that analyzes mom’s contractions and baby’s heart rate during labor and sends alerts if either are experiencing distress, helping to reduce adverse outcomes.  The system can also be used for stress tests with results being recorded into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so fetal heart rates can be compared during both pregnancy and delivery.  The system is accessible to staff on the computers in both the hospital and clinic and can be viewed in real time by staff via the secure Avera EMR system.  This system does not take the place of our one-on-one nursing care, but adds safety measures to our nationally-recognized OB program to protect our moms and newborns.


FVC Offers Clinical Pharmacist

Floyd Valley Clinics providers now have a new service to offer their patients. Clinical pharmacist Trent Powell, PharmD will work with referred patients in the area of medication management and reconciliation.  Clinical pharmacists routinely provide medication therapy evaluations and recommendations to patients and other health care professionals that focus on preparing prescriptions for patients, optimizing medication therapy, promoting health and disease prevention. Clinical pharmacists are experts in the therapeutic use of medications and can:


  • Assess the status of the patient’s health problems and determine whether the prescribed medications are optimally meeting the patient’s needs and goals of care.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of the patient’s medications.
  • Recognize untreated health problems that could be improved or resolved with appropriate medication therapy.
  • Follow the patient’s progress to determine the effects of the patient’s medications on his or her health.
  • Consult with the patient’s physicians and other health care providers in selecting the medication therapy that best meets the patient’s needs and contributes effectively to the overall therapy goals.
  • Advise the patient on how to best take his or her medications.


While this service can help with a number of medication management issues, it has been proven especially beneficial for patients with chronic health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Orthopedic Services Expanding

Floyd Valley Healthcare is excited to welcome Dr. Ruslan Safarov to our medical team. Dr. Safarov is a board-eligible orthopedic surgeon specializing in the care of athletes and disorders of the shoulder, elbow and knee. Dr. Safarov is the head team physician for the Sioux City Bandits and the Sioux City Musketeers.

Fellow Tri-State Specialist physicians Drs. Althaus and Doarn will continue to serve the orthopedic needs of our patients.  Dr. Althaus will see patients twice a week while Drs. Doarn and Safarov will see patients every other week at FVH.  Their practices will continue to provide total knee, hip and shoulder replacements, arthroscopic surgeries and other orthopedic procedures. For an appointment, please call 712-224.8677.  Their clinics are hosted in the East Entrance clinic space at FVH.


Give it a Shot

As the cost of health care continues to rise, preventive care is more important than ever. Something as simple as a vaccine can give you the power to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. As an added bonus, preventative immunizations are covered at 100% under most health plans.


Vaccines work by preparing the body to fight illness. They contain either a dead or a weakened germ that causes a particular disease.  Regardless of what you may have heard, the CDC and FDA take many steps to make sure vaccines are very safe. Vaccines have low risk of adverse outcomes and the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.


Avera has made it easy for you and your family keep track of their immunization schedule. If you are unsure of your immunization status, please check with your healthcare provider.


Immunization schedules based on CDC recommendations


Measles Vaccine Recommendations


Emergency Communication

Citizens of Plymouth County are invited and encouraged to register for a free, local emergency notification system. PlymouthAlert allows citizens to sign up for various types of alerts such as:


Emergency alerts from Public Safety Agencies in Plymouth County (included automatically when you register)


Optional Alerts

  • Community alerts from all cities in Plymouth County
  • Special needs information
  • Weather alerts (Watches & Warnings)


Messages can be issued via landline or cell phone, text messaging and/or e-mail and may contain photo, video and audio attachments to help subscribers better understand the situation at hand, or where to find additional information. For more information on Plymouth Alert, please visit co.plymouth.ia.us/departments/ema/alert


Floyd Valley Community Health Recognized Among Top 5% Nationally

Floyd Valley Community Health (FVCH) was recently recognized as a 2018 Premier Performer by SHPBest.  This is the third consecutive year that FVCH has received this honor and was one of just four programs to receive recognition this year.


The annual SHPBest™ program was created to acknowledge home health agencies that consistently provide high quality service to their patients. With the largest Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS®) benchmark in the nation, SHP is in a unique position to identify and recognize organizations that have made patient satisfaction a priority and have been rewarded for their efforts with high marks on the HHCAHPS survey.


SHPBest award recipients are determined by ranking the overall score for all SHP HHCAHPS clients. The providers that rank in the top 5% receive the Premier Performer award.  In addition, all award recipients must have scored better than or equal to the SHP national average for the period for each of the 5 publicly reported domains.


Tara Geddes, Community Health Manager adds, “This recognition is a direct reflection of the care and compassion that Floyd Valley Home Health staff demonstrate to our patients each and every day.  Our staff is committed to ensuring our patients meet their individual goals while in the comfort of their own home.  We are very proud to have received the Premier Performer award for patient experience for the third consecutive year and are grateful to have the privilege to provide high quality home health services to our community.”


Floyd Valley Community Health

FVCH is committed to making your home and community a healthier place to live. Clients can receive home health services such as nursing care and therapy in the convenience of their home. Homemaker services are also available to provide help with activities of daily living to allow clients to stay in their home independently and safely. More information can be found at FloydValley.org or by calling 712.546.3335.


About Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP)

Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) is a leader in data analytics and benchmarking that drive daily clinical and operational decisions. Their solutions bring real-time data to post-acute providers, hospitals and ACOs to better coordinate quality care and improve patient outcomes. Since 1996, SHP has helped more than 6,500 organizations nationwide raise the bar for healthcare performance. For more information, visit SHPdata.com and follow SHP on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at @SHPdata.


Floyd Valley Healthcare Recognized by The Chartis Center for Rural Health as a 2019 Top 100 Critical Access Hospital

Floyd Valley Healthcare announced it has been named one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States by The Chartis Center for Rural Health. Regarded as one of the industry’s most significant designations of performance excellence, the annual Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) award is based upon the results of the Hospital Strength INDEX® from iVantage Health Analytics.


Top 100 Critical Access Hospital Resources:

The list of this year’s Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals, as well as the 2019 INDEX methodology, can be found at www.ivantageindex.com/top-performing-hospitals.


To learn more about The Chartis Center for Rural Health or to speak with someone regarding the INDEX and the 2019 Top 100, please email Billy Balfour at wbalfour@ivantagehealth.com.


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